A Personal Note

A Personal Note 

Hello-hello beautiful Reader

At this moment when I’m having courage to say something to you in person.

You happen to Rock my heart and world in the same way you did when we met-last time 

I happen to vanish from your world in the first half of my life, I feel I have concluded a milestone and it’s only halfway to be a retired pension funds age 67-91 

I can only sign my name that I have been working on years now on digital galleries 



Gil Badiccini – stage name 

Gil Badichi Wagener – authentic name 

I’ve been waiting for so long to find a cover to my lifestyle 

I have accomplished many roads and was actively in many years and acculturations

Mainly I remember the toxic antidote treatment that have changed my life and saved by doctors 

Secondly the system provided me education courses that in which I have a proven record of 20 years of education 

Recently my education was given by computer remote professors and I have been building visual arts project 

Many students from all over the world participated and I have my diploma waiting for me to collect it in Rome Italy University – end September 2023

I have a record of great success in my studies and my life- 

After fulfilling my dreams plus I have all papers,Nederlands passport clean record 

Lucky me I stayed young and mostly happy with all my past- my latest success was majoring and diploma in

Masters in Arts and Culture Management 

Rome Business School 

With high level of statistics awear and audience (plus fans)

As always I enjoyed being a student to optics school upen university Kfar ha Yarok 

My music follow me and by graduation in swimming instructor too

I cherish moments while walking along the streets of old crumpi town Besides playing in a Conservatorium Saraya building for many years and afterwards I developed my skills in visual arts in Hayfa living at The German Templer authentic house and writing came to me while Lock Down at COVID-19 

Social Media went sky high I posed many high profile pictures and the Short Stories Book went viral- Galilean Life written by Gil Badiccini 

By young age I collected vinyls from ECM labels of high definition sound- to have clear sound ability and to combine Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Amplifier Speakers Cables components turntable CD Player Audio Casset Deck to have the system produce great sound quality for the so rounding 

As always hold my Film camera and notes drum sticks and sandwich on the road for miles to practice capturing and enjoying the sights 

One of my first text I wrote were love poems in the mailbox by envelope to girls in my class ( written on a vitage paper from books)

besides I played tennis ping pong wearing surf T-Shirts looking ‘Swell’ kid 

Myself in Visual Arts began in the 90’s – where my skills were very important to my career I went to fashion and acting later in my life-it helps me .back then as a teenager I had drums lessons and recording studios 

Swimming was naturally for me in pools lakes and rivers long dives 

Besides swimming I went to digital art dj and European clubs 

family behind that weren’t there 

We came from a long legacy of successful family for decades 

It all began when I was in Tel Aviv kikar hamedina plus our house up state of Israel upper Galilean mountain Cna’an we’re big houses and grabed the attention nation wide 

Many festivals of Live shows – musicians in small places -where it all began 

During high school in safed city in artistic style colony 

with bitnics and hippies neighbors and many many friends 

They were some smoking weed and drink arak uzo 12 brandy and gallons of beers 

We had showed in night clubs (teenage clubs ) playing on stage rocking nirvana covers and rage against the machine- cannonball song and on weekends I joined the jazz sessions with great names playing soft brushes on drums, youth band and later on pensioners band with my dad-( they were looking for a drummer)

Then I had some fun with the girls in my school and small town boy went to develop pictures in dark rooms – 35 mm film 

As for developing ,many rolls of films were sent to photo labs in Borochov 

My practice in SLR cameras was for decades 1988-2008

being the youngest son in a family home of great wealth clean spirits 

Our house has a panoramic view of Mountain Valley range Meron

Hiking in nature on a weekly basis and driving a lot 

It began with the equipment that was needed by then 

we had tons of vinyl music to listen to and CD was then high tech sound invention

Here’s a list of equipment in which i used to carry out with me 

as a young child 

holding a camera 

Kind regards 

Truly yours



At the moment every camera is like a Trophy for me

Special to me emotionally and mentally 

It captures exactly what I SEE- in a fraction of a moment 

I stand put and capture my view of the quality cameras such I use now 

I have great cameras equipment gear mentioned below 

Many more pictures and artworks on my computer at home that I have produced during the years 

My gear is:

Leica D-LUX (type 109)

Olympus PEN-F

Two digital stylus Tough-Point & Shoot camera 

iPhone camera 13 pro 

Hasselblad  mini digital camera

Two Canon EOS 650 (SLR cameras with 35 mm Film)

Fujifilm X-10

iphone SE + DJI stabilizer 

Fujifilm XS-1 -Superzoom 

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